Convert to Renewables to Protect Against Price Spikes in Fossil Fuels

Converting now to renewable energy (wood/pellet furnaces, geothermal, solar) will protect you from the extreme price spikes that took place last winter (and will highly likely take place again this winter).

Why did propane prices spike?


Asian countries have built Mega Storage Stations to hold the billions of gallons of propane they purchase from the US. Last year we exported TEN times more propane then the year before. You can bet they will continue to purchase the low cost fuel.


The US has committed to supply Canada all the propane they need for the next ten years.


Lines that used to supply many parts of the US with propane are now used for crude oil. Manufacturers that produce propane tankers for tractor/trailer hauling have more orders than they can produce for the next 9 months.

Liquid Natural Gas

Foreign countries will continue to buy the cheapest fuel, and as much as they can.

The Perfect Storm

With propane and liquid natural gas becoming a world commodity, shortages and higher prices will be the norm.
When farmers have a wet fall and crop drying is high, shortages will be there. We are currently having a late spring which will mean a late fall and more and more drying. 5.00 propane could be here again.

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